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Don’t forget the paper umbrellas! The weather is finally beginning to reflect the season, which means that the time to stir up your own refreshing cooler is here. If you find yourself with an abundance of summer fruit and other possible (unnecessarily healthy) mixers but no beverage to impro–ahem, mix, them with, just pop in […]

Gin is in!  Gin, or more literally ‘juniper,’ was rightfully named after its distinctive berry flavour. It became a British staple in the 17th century, permeating society (and blessing our taste buds) with its unique aromatic notes. Nowadays this iconic beverage is just as well-loved, being used in both recipes and as a stand-alone drink […]

Nothing quite says summer like an Aperol spritz, and it just so happens that the key ingredient to this season’s favourite apéritif is celebrating its 100th birthday! A humble beginning This unapologetically orange treat originated a century ago in Italy at the hands of two brothers, but did not rise to its well-deserved international fame […]

What better way to relax after a long, hard day than with a nice cold lager? But don’t get up! Simply pop in your postcode above and let us bring it to you. Maybe your day has been even longer and harder than usual. Maybe further thinking and further decisions seems like just too much […]

Stellar Smirnoff Recipes for Summertime Vodka: yet another miracle from the humble potato. The spirit, which has been around in some form since the Middle Ages, is traditionally made from the liquid of fermented potatoes or grains, with some more modern methods favouring the use of sugars over starch. Hailing from Poland and Russia, vodka […]

If you’re anything like us you may have exhausted your 2018 Sauvignon quota already in all this sunshine! But if you find your palate tiring of all that passion fruit, gooseberry and tang what’s to be done? We asked WineTubeMap for their top tips on Sauvignon and beyond… Firstly, Sauvignon is a bit like the Piccadilly Circus of […]

For centuries Scottish distillers have defied the law and the elements to perfect the craft of whisky. Today hundreds of producers put forward some of the best spirits in the world to warm the insides of drinkers everywhere. With Scottish malt distillers using only the same three ingredients – barley, yeast and water – it […]

WHAT DRINK ARE YOU IN THE MOOD FOR? – New Drinkly Integration Uses Facial Recognition to Match Drink to Mood –   We, Edinburgh & Glasgow’s online drinks delivery service, are harnessing the power of facial recognition technology to pre-determine what people should have to drink from their expression. We’ve been quenching the thirsts of […]

Having only recently begun working my way through trying the myriad of delicious gins crafted from Scottish distilleries, I relied on friendly bartenders to cure my far-too-often indecisiveness when faced with rows of glinting bottles of fancy-looking gins, all with the eventual hope of being able to find that ‘perfect’ gin to put on the […]

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